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We provide IP PBX , Point to point Solutions , GPS solutions and Wifi & RF  Signal Repeaters. Boost your Business with our innovative solutions .

Want to conect all your Smart Home devices with Internet and voice .

One Stop solution for your Weak WI-FI and Mobile Network Strength .

Do your customers face signal issues while deciding to buy your products ? Call US Now!

Best Campus solutions Large area Wi-fi Solutions .

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Signal Solutions

Campus Wifi Solutions and Mobile signal Boosters , We always One step Forward in  Advanced Wireless Technology products .

Call Us now to Get rid out of Weak Signals ! 

One Stop Wireless solutions


We provide latest and Advanced Telecommunication solution IP PBX that suits all your needs . 

GPS Tracking solutions

We provide Advanced Fleet Management System to track your shipments , Assets , employee ,and School Bus tracking with Live Camera .

Point to Point
Bridge Solutions 

Point to Point Wireless and Point to Multi-point Wireless links help to transmit data, voice or video to multiple locations that are many kilometers apart.