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How to check Frequency in our mobile phone ?

Updated: Jan 2

Install Application: LTE discovery


Please open the app and allow all permission which the apps ask for to detect the signal!

Note Band 40 which is not supported in any repeater,

Not supported: BAND 40 LTE TDD (2300 Mhz), and BAND 41 LTE TDD (2500 Mhz).

Important: Even though you get above unsupported bands you might also get below-supported bands in the same area but your phone can't detect the frequency, In that case, move your phone from good signal place to low signal place, ex: if your standing in terrace please go down or place where you start getting weak signals. now you can see other frequencies generated on your phone.

Supported Bands: 2g networks 900mhz, 4G LTE networks over BAND 5 LTE FDD (850 Mhz), BAND 3 LTE FDD (1800 Mhz),

You can use Only when the service provider allows us to use these frequencies in your area then you can use the device.

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