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How to Install Signal Booster in Home or office ?

Mobile signal Boosters can improve the network connectivity at your office or home. Installing a mobile signal Booster is easy and consists of 3 major steps. Each of these steps is easily explained in the user manual.

Outdoor Antenna Installation

The main function of the booster is to improve the mobile signal connectivity (Radio Frequency, RF) signal in a particular area. The booster which is placed indoors receives the signal from an antenna that is placed outside the building.

1. Outdoor Antenna Installation Process

There are two ways to set up an outdoor antenna: Hinged at the wall or Hanging at the pole

Note: To avoid water or other types of damage, wrap the waterproof tape around the connector between outdoor antennas.

2. Signal Repeater Installation Process

Step 1: Select a location near the power source.

Step 2: Connect the booster to the power supply and hinge at the wall.

Step 3: Using Connector and wires, connect the indoor placed booster to the outdoor antenna.

Step 4: Connect the indoor antenna cables to the mobile marked as "indoor" with the booster through the connector.

3. Indoor Antenna Installation Process

According to your requirement, where you need a mobile network, install the indoor antenna.

Step 1: Place the indoor antenna, as per your need i.e. the indoor area where you need to improve the mobile connectivity.

Step 2: Hinge the indoor antenna, on the wall.

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